Beltramex N.V. Since 1973
Jan Van Rijswijklaan, 89
2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Call us: +32 3 237 40 44


– NEW Hearses:

If you are looking to buy a new hearse. Beltramex N.V. can deliver any new hearse you want. We can supply your company, with all the different car makers and coach builder available (Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler, Mercedes, S&S, Superior, Bennett, etc). You can choose between all the colors, interior trims and other options available. We also sell parts and accessories for your new vehicle. If you are looking for something else, and you didn’t find it in our stock or website. Please let us know. We will be glad to help you, in your search for the perfect car for you and your business. We sell and deliver worldwide.

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– Used Hearses:

Buying a used car, is always a anxious step. Especially when it has to represent your company and your work. So buying with confidence is always a must. Beltramex can do it for you. More than 40 years in business, passion for our job. We offer a various stock of secondhand cars. You can buy: Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Buick, Eagle, S&S, Federal, Superior,… Different colors, brands, low mileage, kept in garage. If you have special needs or request, we will be glad to help you out, finding it. The cars that we propose are well taking cared of and maintained like it would be our own car. If you are looking for something specific, that you couldn’t find yet, please us know. We sell also all the accessories and parts to take care off your hearse. We sell and deliver worldwide.

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